Burgertime with Fuzz: Innovo Kitchen

Innovo Kitchen
1210 Troy Schenectady Road
Latham, NY 12110

ALBANY — This one was in the company of greatness. I was honored to share a table with none other than the Mayor of Nippertown himself, Jim Gilbert.

We took a high top in the bar area. Seating was comfortable and the atmosphere was buzzing. Busy, but not congested. Music could have been a little louder to drown out the crowd sound. Definitely not a deal breaker.            

The waitress was the bartender, and she knew her stuff. Professional and personable. She took our order promptly. The menus by the way are all digital. Scan the QR code and the full menu is on your phone. I’m a fan of the traditional menu, but the times call for this and I get it. 

The wait time wasn’t long, and (I’ll probably say this a lot in other reviews) every fat guy’s favorite part of the dining experience came. THE FOOD WAS HERE!

The presentation of the food was nice. Burger with bun atop and not on the side, fries were in a cup with paper, and ketchup on the side. The bun was AMAZING. Light and fluffy. Super soft with a touch of sweet flavor. Toasted on both sides. The burger was a little over medium (ordered medium) but acceptable. There was a hint of salt to the patty but left me wanting more spices. The fries were crinkle cut, with skins, fresh, dense fries cooked really well.     

To sum this up, the burger was good. The bun was amazing. There could have been a little more spice on the patty. The cheese was good. My order was $18, and for that price, I think the burger could have been a little bigger. Does not take anything away from the taste though. I would go back for sure. 

Look for more reviews coming soon. Thanks for reading. 

-Fuzz Kebabjian

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  1. Rudy Lu says

    Yeah. The food at Innovo is great although on the pricey side. Also a nice place to hang and have a drink after a walk on the Mohawk Bike Path.

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