Video: Swordpaw Session with Mr. Cancelled


Mr. Cancelled is a three-piece tornado that is reminiscent of bands that were active on the SST label in the late ’80s. Their songs are two and a half minute blasts of energy and songcraft that leave the listener wanting more. Mr. Cancelled were set to start recording their second album just as the pandemic rolled in and … well… cancelled their plans. In the meantime, they’ve written several more songs and played an epic show with BattleAxxx in Late May at the Madison Theater in Albany. In early June they hopped into the Swordpaw studio and knocked out a new record and a Swordpaw Session (video below).

Photo by Madeline Darby

Gary Ziroli (guitar/vocals) has been the driving force in a multitude of projects including Norfolk, VA band Antic Hay. In addition to Mr. Cancelled, he’s currently a member of Super Dark Collective-affiliated supergroup Thinner Friends.

Christopher Brown (bass/vocals) is a founding member of Super Dark Collective and is also a member of Blood, Blood, Blood and Being Both. Chris Wildy (drums) of Safety Meeting takes his last turn on drums with the band in this recording before moving to the grayer pastures of NYC.

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