LIVE: Sydney Worthley wsg Julia Alsarraf @ Lark Hall, 06/25/2021

Last night, both Sydney Worthley and Julia Alsarraf gave incredible performances at the beautiful Lark Hall. 

Opener Julia Alsarraf started the evening off with a series of her relatable songs, some including “Mixed Signals,” “A Thing or Two,” and “Problems.” With her clear voice along with the seamless playing done by her band, Alsarraf captivated the audience and allowed them to easily comprehend the messages behind her songs. 

Julia Alsarraf
Photo by Jim Gilbert

Julia Alsarraf was entertaining and also a very natural performer. Ultimately, Alsarraf grew the audience’s excitement in regard to the upcoming performance to be done by Sydney Worthley by setting an exhilarating tone. 

As soon as Sydney Worthley entered the stage wearing the coolest hot pink pants to ever exist, we all knew that we were in for a good time. 

Worthley began her performance by singing her song “Jane,” which can be found on her album “Strong.” 

Sydney Worthley
Photo by Jim Gilbert

Right when Worthley’s voice struck the microphone, it was easy to hear the effortless power and true passion behind her enchanting voice. As the night progressed, Sydney Worthley sang many songs of her own including “Rose Colored Glasses,” “123,” and “4:15,” along with others. Worthley also delighted the audience by singing covers from artists such as Rick Springfield, Arctic Monkeys, and even Taylor Swift. 

Being the dynamic pop rock singer that she is, it was a surprise to hear Worthley cover the soft pop song “Style,” by Taylor Swift. However, Sydney Worthley quite literally added her own “style” to this song with the help of her phenomenal band. Mixing her natural knack of singing in a “pop rock” way made the song different and enjoyable. 

Sydney Worthley
Photo by Jim Gilbert

Because they were having fun while performing, Alsarraf and Worthley made the night just that much better. Whether it was Julia Alsarraf joking around with the audience in between songs or Sydney Worthley getting people of all ages and genders to dance to her music, this concert will be one to remember.  

Both artists bring versatility to the music industry by being able to sing, play instruments, and write their own songs. Julia Alsarraf and Sydney Worthley certainly have bright futures ahead of them, and we hope to hear more music from both these wonderful artists soon. 

Photo Gallery by Sydney Worthley

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