BURGERTIME: Arsenal City Tavern’s perfectly peppered patty

WATERVLIET — This edition of Fuzzy’s Feedbag brings us to the Arsenal City Tavern in Watervliet.

Parking near the building is a little tricky, but there’s a lot of it if you park across the street. There is both indoor and outside dining available (outside is in the tented in area, or a patio area which is nice. Sat inside for this one. Bar area in the front and dining room in the back. Looks small from the outside but is pretty spacious inside. The staff were very friendly, our waitress was really good.            

Photo: Fuzz Kebabjian

The presentation of the burger was standard. Bun to the side of the burger. The bun was super soft and fluffy with a slight sweetness to it. The bun was toasted on top and bottom bun.

Burger was spot on medium and juicy. Salt and pepper on the patty was perfect. It was a good size burger. the patty was seared nicely and had great texture. Found nothing negative about it at all. The burger was served with chips. Normally there is fries with it, but after talking to the owner, the fans in the kitchen went down and the fryers brought the kitchen temp to 125 degrees, so they opted to not use the fryers till the fans were fixed, so the staff didn’t cook with the food. I appreciate that they did that for their staff, so we rated the chips with the burger, which did not hurt the scoring dramatically.             

The Arsenal City Tavern puts out a GOOD burger. The price point of the burger is $12.00. Great burger and fries price, and for the food you get is well worth it. This burger is definitely worth taking the rode to Watervliet to at least give it a try. You won’t regret it. 

SCORE – 8.3. Be on the lookout for more burger reviews, YOUR place might be NEXT!


Arsenal City Tavern

795 3rd Ave

Watervliet, NY 12189

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