BURGERTIME: Graney’s colossal order of fries with a burger on the side

ALBANY — This one comes from the dining experience of the Bunker Studio in the Fuzzy Complex.

Grubhub brought this one to the front door, so I figure why not let you guys know about this one. So where I usually describe the vibe of the restaurant, this one was in the neon green studio surrounded by scantily clad dancing girls with below-average morals. The air was electric. The Go-Go cages were abuzz as the driver delivered our food. We couldn’t wait. (This is CLEARLY a writer’s embellishment. It was a lonely time, with a good burger)         

Just for the record, I have been to Graney’s many times. It is a cool hand and the vibe is pretty mellow. The waitresses are stunning, to say the least. (Shout out to Barb.) The delivery was pretty prompt and the food was still very warm. And now… to every fat guy’s favorite time… THE FOOD IS HERE!!!!           

The presentation was pretty standard, burger, fries, side ketchup. The bun is a bulkier roll, flour topped and dense. Great for a pub burger. Not toasted which I am a fan of. The burger was spot on medium and the seasoning of the burger was really good. The fries themselves were tasty, although I do not believe they are fresh cut. Takes nothing away from them though. They were definitely good, not too salty either.            

Summing it all up, the burger from Graney’s was pretty damn good. Like I said, the bun could have been toasted but does not detract from it too much. The burger and fries were $12.95, and for that price, you get a TON of fries with a damn fine burger. Definitely would order again. (Side note, they serve what are called “Mozzarella Logs” on the menu. Trust me when I tell you these are colossal!! Tasty as hell, but may affect your regularity for a few days if you know what I mean. You need to try them though.)

SCORE – 7.8. Be sure to look out for more from the Fat Guy Feedbag. Cheers. 


Graney’s Bar and Grill

275 New Scotland Avenue

Albany NY, 12208

(518) 453-3299

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