LIVE: Haunted Cat @ Rare Form in Troy, 06/25/2021

Drew Benton (Complicated Shirt, Sesame Plexer, TOUGH)’s latest project Haunted Cat graced the outside stage at Rare Form last week to perform an unforgettable show, especially for those that haven’t witnessed his miraculous bands before. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them all several times, and Benton’s undeniable originality and style have defined each one of them in different ways.  In this latest incarnation, Benton has included Complicated Shirt bass guitar player Jason Jette, phenomenal new drummer Seth Maset, and keyboardist Nick O’Brien. 

While the fare builds on Benton’s love of 70’s glam, proto-punk, and everything in between, Haunted Cat’s most notable difference is Drew’s increasingly campy and hyped-up antics.  As usual, the famous Haunted Cat ‘HC’ cape made its appearance, as did a shirt that came unbuttoned and Mr. Benton’s new more fabulous look including plenty of makeup and tight clothing. 

While Benton has previously played several instruments and sang seamlessly in his groups (which he also did last night, achieving unbelievable simultaneous guitar and vocal acrobatics), in Haunted Cat he allows the fantastic group of musicians he’s assembled to back him while he sings and plays frontman to show off the kind of over the top theatrics that made him a local karaoke legend. 

Haunted Cat revels not only in the undeniable flawless talent of each member of the band but increasingly in the performances of the increasingly unchained, ironically charismatic antics of the one, the only, Drew Benton.

Videos by Wendell Wright

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