BURGERTIME: Swifty’s strong burger with an unexpected garden

ALBANY — Shot down around the corner to Swifty’s Restaurant and Pub in Albany. Pulled a solo on this one (I have few friends).

The pub is buzzing with jovial conversations and laughter. The bar was about half full, so I took a high top to patron watch. From what I gather, they have a lot of regulars. Everyone was in good spirits. The waitress was very friendly and took my order promptly.          

Presentation on this one was the usual. Bun on the side. Plenty of fries with the order and the burger is a good size burger. The bun was a little bit hard for my liking. Toasted nicely though. Was made a good medium, but I ordered it with no lettuce, tomato, and onion and DEFINITELY no pickle. It had all of them so they lost a bit there.  The seasoning on the patty was good, but very strong. Super salty. The fries were pretty tasty.        

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The Swifty’s burger was ok. The seasoning was super salty and the garden not being taken off the order hurt them a little bit. I’m gonna have to go a second round, because I’m curious if it will be different next time.

But… the review score has to stand and this was their chance. I’m a rules guy. (I FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC OF THE BURGER, HENCE THE LOGO PIC)

SCORE – 6.7

Be on the lookout for more burger reviews, YOUR place might be NEXT!

Swifty’s Restaurant and Pub

95 Everett Rd. 

Albany, NY 12205

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