LIVE: Last Pharaoh @ Frog Alley Brewing, 07/10/2021

SCHENECTADY — Saturday night, July 10th was busy as always in downtown Schenectady. People were making their way to the bars for beer, great food, and live music-the things that make any Saturday night a good one. Lines started to form in front of a favorite local brewery Frog Alley where Power Metal band “Last Pharaoh” was playing.

This was not the genre of music that is typically played at Frog Alley but it seemed like they were trying something new. As the band’s set started, it seemed like there was a shift in the atmosphere, and bar patrons began to turn their attention from the sports channels to the stage and things started heavy and loud with their song “Intruders”.

Early on in the concert, you could see how impressed people were with the dynamic range of lead singer Tommy Santangelo’s voice. Combined with the talented Ron Toth on guitar and Michael James on bass and Ed Shelinsky on Drums. Their sound and overall stage performance are truly something that needs to be witnessed. Frog Alley was definitely shaking that night and no doubt they lost a couple of paint chips off the ceiling. As the sandstorms of searing Power Metal started to settle and the dry sands of the Sahara started to fall back to the ground. Last Pharaoh left that night planting their flag in Schenectady. 

Photo Gallery by Nick Dicocco

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  1. Tommy Santangelo says

    Tommy from Last Pharaoh here. WE HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST playing Frog Alley Saturday night!! It was a GREAT EVENING!! THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS, NICK!! 🤘🤘🤘

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