BURGERTIME: Ship’s Pub, hold the cheese


ALBANY — Back to the bunker with this one. Tropical Storm Elsa is coming and we had to secure the facilities. Alligators are in the moat, just an FYI. 

This one is tough for me to do. I have mixed feelings about typing this one up, but as I have said before, I’m a rules guy. That being said, let’s get into it.

The burger was presented with the bun off. First thing I noticed right off the bat…NO CHEESE!! BIG hit to them there. The size of the burger is big, and there are plenty of fries served with it. The patty is seared nicely, and the seasoning on the patty is spot-on PERFECT! The bun is soft, could have been toasted a lot more… but that is secondary.

Photo: Fuzz Kebabjian

First bite brings me to my next issue with this burger. It’s RARE!! I order all of these review burgers the SAME EXACT WAY!!! All are ordered medium. They took another hard hit with this one. Fries were a little underdone, fairly bland. Could have used more salt.          

I really wish this was on a different day, but today was their day. This could have EASILY been up into the high 7’s… but they took a hard hit twice. The flavors were AMAZING!!! The execution of cooking it not so much. I will definitely go back to see if it’s better, I’m SURE it will be.

Either way, we have to stick with the original review score. 

SCORE –  5.9

Be on the lookout for more burger reviews, YOUR place might be NEXT!

Ship’s Pub

360 Northern Blvd. 

Albany, NY 12204

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