Kid Vicious set to release a new EP

ALBANY — Albany hardcore and punk band Kid Vicious are ready to drop new music and are psyched to tell us about it. The band whose name is a play off of Sid Vicious of the punk legends Sex Pistols. No Lawsuits have been filed as of yet.   Based on these former bands added to the resume, the kids are now veterans of the 518 local music scene. Members:  Aaron Hansen-Guitar (Rockwell, Cleveland); Pete Dolan-Vocals (Vessels, Marty McFly, Cleveland, Rockwell); Daryl O’Brien-Drums (Life’s Not Fair, Decades); and Sara Colaneri-Bass (The D.A’s, Call it In the Air). 

Kid Vicious has been hard at work during the pandemic. “We focused on writing songs for our new EP titled The Hive set for release July 31, 2020,” says Sara Colaneri. And adds, “We spent a lot of time discussing the arrangement of the songs, production, mastering, vinyl, and where we wanted our sound to go in terms of genre.  We are all at heart hardcore, punk, and alternative fans and have been playing in punk and hardcore bands for over 20 years.  We wanted this record to be something different from our previous record.”

Kid Vicious takes us through the writing and recording process.  “Our songwriting typically begins with a sexy Aaron Hansen guitar riff with the addition of drums, bass and then vocals.  Pete Dolan writes all of the lyrics and Aaron is responsible for the musical components.  Aaron wrote and sang on three songs for this record.  The song titles were inspired by friends and various events that happened during the pandemic such as relationship’s forming and breaking up” The new EP “The Hive” consists of eight new songs of raw power and they are about to bring it to the world. Kid Vicious decided to work with a different producer this time around.  Colaneri adds “There was no question on who to go to. We took our ideas to Sean-Paul Pillsworth and John Naclerio at Nada Studios in Montgomery, NY and had an unbelievable experience working with Sean-Paul throughout the creation of this record.”  Sean-Paul is a Kingston and Albany punk scene native playing in bands such as Jerk Magnet and Anadivine.  

Colaneri knows her punk history and shares “Currently, Sean-Paul is the lead singer and producer for the ska band (The Inevitables) with Vinny Fiorello (Less Than Jake), Obi Fernandez (Westbound Train), Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish), Billy Kottage (The Interrupters),  John DeDomenici (John Rosenstock, (Bomb The Music Industry!) Alex Stern and Jon Degen (Big D and the Kids Table).   Sean-Paul is an incredibly talented musician, singer and songwriter and it was an absolute honor to work with him in the studio”.  Touring is a huge part of who a band becomes if they don’t “cut the cord”,  but Kid Vicious has some traveling in the works. 

Colaneri states, “we look forward to playing more shows as new venues are opening up, traveling to play in other cities and meeting new people to inspire us in our writing process.  We plan on writing a new record this year that is a little rougher and more punk-influenced, but will contain the same  vicious charm from our Good Girls EP and The Hive.”  Additionally,  Nada Studios owner, John Naclerio, is responsible for the mastering of The Hive EP, well known for producing and mastering acts such as Senses Fail, Bayside, and My Chemical Romance.  “John has also been a major asset in the creation of this record and we could not have done this without his feedback and input,” says Colaneri.  

Kid Vicious will be playing on July 31st at Pauly’s Hotel In Albany.

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