Exclusive: Freedom Stratton Drops New Single “Ray Banz” on Substream Records

ALBANY — Freedom Stratton, the self-proclaimed Fresh Prince of Albany, is back with the brand new high-energy single, “Ray Banz”

The song starts with an aggressive sounding guitar sample that will immediately get your head bopping. It builds quickly into a heavy drop which leaves room for Freedom’s crisp vocal hook to enter, upon which he gets straight to the point singing:

“Game Plan
Ray Bans
No hands, I’m racing 
No fans, just my mans or the fam
That’s how I became who I am
That’s how I remain the same man
I get to the cake, don’t need friends”

Freedom goes on to vigorously deliver verses about grinding, keeping his focus,  and working as hard he can to make his dreams come true with great confidence and accuracy. It sounds like he pushed himself to a whole new place on “Ray Banz”. The entire time you’re listening to this song, you feel like you’re on a mission. Like you just want to jump to the ground and do pushups or start shadow boxing. It’s a great track to get you motivated and get the blood pumping. Available on all streaming platforms,  it’s perfect for any workout or party playlist. The heavy drums, thumping sub and captivating vocals will keep you tuned in for the entire two minutes and thirty-four seconds of a roller coaster ride that this track is.

Freedom Stratton has developed his own sound and is definitely a shining light in Albany. He’s never afraid to push artistic boundaries and try new sounds, yet always manages to stay true to himself. This is an artist who you’ll want to continue to pay attention to. 

“Ray Banz” dropped on July 15th, 2021 in a partnership with boutique independent record label Substream Records (distributed through The Orchard / Sony) and Albany’s own label, Almost Never Dead. Be on the lookout for Freedom’s next release and make sure you download / stream Ray Banz now! Follow Freedom Stratton on Instagram @therealfreedomstratton to stay up to date. 

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