A Review and Chat with Upcoming Artist, Sara Devoe

DELMAR – Sara Devoe, an artist based out of the Capital Region, is hard at work preparing to release her album, Harsh. This listener had a chance to listen to her single, “big night,” and was very impressed. The tune started off with a simple guitar line, bolstered by a synthesizer acting as an underlying pad. Soon after, a nice legato line performed by another guitar enters the mix.

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Perhaps what was most haunting – and very intriguing – was her vocals, which flawlessly floated over the entire track. The way in which the instrumentation built and receded, and how the guitar, bass, and drums were perfectly locked in, made this tune extremely enjoyable. Lifting in energy throughout the song, by the time we got to the last chorus, everything was hitting; the synthesizers, guitars, and drums all swelled and blended in a great way. The ambient vocals in the background only served to further bolster the sonic presence.

As quickly as the song built, so too does it quickly end. We were suddenly left with just guitar and an arpeggiated synth, and then the song concluded. After hearing this excellent single, I was excited to learn more about this artist during our interview. Continue reading below for the interview, in which we discuss her future release plans, and more.

Lucas Garrett: Hello, Sara! Thanks for taking some time to sit down today for a chat. I have to say, I was really impressed by your single, “big night.” Can you tell us a bit about the song and how it came to be?

Sara Devoe: Thanks so much, I really appreciate you listening and taking the time to give it some attention. This song came to be during the first lockdown. I was in a rut for a while, like most of us, and really searching for something to get me out of bed in the morning, and music served as just that. I had recently purchased Logic Pro and decided to devote my time to learning that software and getting better at guitar. This song really fell into place for me. I started with the simple riff at the beginning and looped that, and everything kind of just fell into place after that–the lyrics, the chorus, the melody. I wanted to get this song really professionally produced and mastered though, so I connected with Seth Huff, a brilliant producer I met through Qaudio Creative Network, and he really put this song together for me. 

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LG: I understand you are working on an album? When can we expect it to be released?

SD: I am currently working on my first EP which is set to be released this Fall. The first single will be released hopefully within the next month. I can’t even express to you how excited I am for this release. The music is a bit different from the stuff I have out now–it’s a bit more upbeat and made for dancing, with the addition of some slower, more melancholy songs. I take inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Willow Smith, St.Vincent. This album is very personal. I dive into some of the deepest routes in my mind and reflect a lot about my life in high school, and my own insecurities about myself and relationships. I really hope the lyrics resonate with people.

LG: As many folks in the industry are finding themselves quickly being thrust back into previous routines of gigging, recording, and so on, where do you find yourself moving forward? What are your plans for your music right?

SD: So, in all honesty, I’ve never played a gig before and I don’t have much experience playing live. I only recently got into taking my music seriously, and part of this is due to the fact I was born with a limb deformity on my left hand that kept me from attempting guitar for a while. I was gifted a guitar for my eighteenth birthday, though, and that was what really got me passionate about learning. I’ve only been playing for a few years now, but I’m impressed and proud of myself for the progress I’ve made with the instrument. Once I hopefully get to tour the new album, I hope to inspire people that they can really do anything they set their minds to. Currently, I’m in the process of finding other local musicians and places to gig at with the material I have right now, as I have been writing songs for years and need places to perform them!

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LG: I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed this song; thank you for submitting it! Is there anything else you’d like to go over that we may not have discussed?

SD: Thanks again for taking the time to listen to this song for me! Feel free to check out my instagram @saradevoee for any pictures/videos. 

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