That Fuzzing 518 Show gives big to Make-A-Wish

ALBANY — On Thursday, July 22nd, “Fuzzy” from That Fuzzing 518 Show sat down with Alyssa Caroprese, Meteorologist from CBS 6 Albany, and spoke about her career and a yearly campaign she does for Make-A-Wish Northeast New York. The campaign is called “Wish Jump” and anyone that raises over $1000 for Make-A-Wish gets to jump out of a plane. While she had already surpassed that goal by raising over $1500, that number was going to grow substantially.

Fuzz, being the good Samaritan that he is, decided to do a campaign of his own to help her out by raising some funds for her campaign. Fuzz along with numerous friends, bands, and local businesses was able to raise an additional $700.00 to add to Alyssa’s efforts.

While the interview began discussing her career in the meteorology field, and her schooling and internship experiences. They even discussed her amazing dog, Ollie. It really got exciting when Fuzzy sprung his surprise on Alyssa. He hit her with the list of donations and her reaction was priceless. She was genuinely “blown away” by the outpouring of support from That Fuzzing 518 Show, and its affiliates, aka degenerates. 

About That Fuzzing 518 Show: The show is an internet-based live stream podcast on live once a week (Thursday at 7pm EST) and is usually an hour and a half in duration. Fuzzy has been broadcasting live stream content creation for at least a year and a half. His Facebook followers are 800+, YouTube is over 200+, and also broadcasts for Nippertown, who’s followers are 10,000+. He was also a local DJ for WVCR. Siena Colleges radio station. 

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