LIVE: Glass Pony @ Parish Public House, 07/23/2021


Glass Pony returns to Parish Public House in Albany for dark groovy jams

Local Albany jam band, Glass Pony, returned to the stage at Parish Public House on Friday, July 23rd for two sets of their psychedelic rock music. Glass Pony was the winner of the Nippertown’s 2021 March Music Madness, a well deserved and understandable achievement with last Friday’s show as a testament to their music and fan base. It felt good to be back at Parish Public House, a historic venue stable in Albany with a delicious Cajun food menu, outdoor dining, friendly bar staff and a separated concert area towards the back of the building. 

Photo by Jim Gilbert

The night started with a grungy “Hypnos” with each band member taking a few moments to stretch out with a brief solo. “North Bound” proved to be more a more light-hearted tune with lead rhythm guitarist, Greg Pittz, emphasizing the jam with long held notes. There was a noticeable tempo kick up into a long journey of a groove as barefoot drummer, Chanda Dewey, wrangled the guitarists back into an easy rhythm. One of the most impressive jams of the night was early on with “Bolly Golly” containing a catchy chorus and a see-saw melody that rocked you back and forth. There were subtle cues from the band as they toyed with the crowd before kicking the jam into overdrive for a monster of shredding build up to beautifully come down into a ocean like melody, only to go right back into the chorus. It was incredible. 

Photo by Jim Gilbert

Set two was well underway as Glass Pony began one of their most popular songs, “Something Good”. Guitarist Eddie Hoteling jumped into the crowd for a stand out solo and to dance with the energetic crowd. The band took the opportunity of the night to share the exciting news of a new album being released this fall and debuted a few new songs such as “Origami Soul” which looked to be a favorite of bassist Jeff Picarazzi who could be seen dancing and happily laying out an enjoyable, funky groove. The set took a haunting turn as the musicians segued into The Who’s “Eminence Front” complete with a tease of “Moma Dance” by Phish and screaming quotes of Talking Head’s “Once in a Lifetime” from Eddie Hoteling, who could easily pass as a punk rocker, he was hypnotizing. 

Photo by Jim Gilbert

The show was an excellent jump start for the music community, eager to support local venues again like Parish Public House and share in the groove with local bands like Glass Pony.  Keep an eye out for Glass Pony’s new album coming this fall and be sure to follow Nippertown on social media for upcoming events. 

Set List:

1: Hypnos, North Bound*> Doppler, Lunar Flare > Bolly Golly, Sonder > You Make Me Feeling Like Dancing, Bootstraw^, Mortimer

2: Portraits > BlackBerry (unfinished) > Something Good, Origami Soul^, Daydream+ > Eminence Front#, Morning Glory, Bottom of the Ocean  

Encore: Brown Eyed Women* > Blackberry Branding ending 

*unfinished ^first time played, new original, +Divided Sky tease, #Moma Dance tease, Once in a Lifetime quotes

Photo by Jim Gilbert
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