Hooligan Holiday slams into Empire Underground this January

ALBANY — So it looks like 2022 is for everyone who says they’re “old school”, “hardcore” or uses the term “back in the day”… well here is your chance to prove it and get an education. Three days of highly influential NYHC acts and a ton of local /regional talent. Mike Valente has raised the bar and I look forward to this weekend of history about to be made! See you at Empire Underground! Hooligan Holiday 2022 tickets are on sale now! 

Sheer Terror
Photo by James Wertman Jr.

Friday, January 28th

Featuring Sheer Terror, Bruise Bros. (CD Release), Remains Of Rage, Kill All Betrayers
Ticket link: https://tinyurl.com/sebk7t

Murphy’s Law
Photo by James Wertman Jr.

Saturday, January 29th

Murphy’s Law, The Take, Totally Gnarly, Unruly Boys, Murderer’s Row
Ticket link: https://tinyurl.com/7rzb4dbt

Photo by Pete Gregory

Sunday, January 30th

Madball, Powerhouse OBHC, Wrong Move, Borrowed Time, Noise War, Cropsey
Ticket link: https://tinyurl.com/37wd4juc

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