Denise Parent of The Deadbeats Releases First Solo Effort

Grateful Dead aficionados will tell you that the name Denise Parent of Woodstock is synonymous with good grooves. Parent has just released her first solo album called The Songs in My Heart

Parent is a longtime member of The Deadbeats: a renowned, beloved Hudson Valley Grateful Dead cover band, known for their regular performances at Grand Cru in Rhinebeck, Keegan Ales in Kingston, as well as the Saratoga Springs and Albany areas. Parent and fellow band member Mike Johnson even go out and play as the Deadbeats Duo. More recently, Parent helped pioneer an all-female Grateful Dead ensemble called Brown Eyed Women

Though Parent has been a singer/songwriter for much of her life, Songs in My Heart marks her first solo release of recorded and published original pieces. Deadbeats bandmate, Dan Gerken of West Sand Lake, engineered the album with Parent and Gerken playing all of the instrumentals and featuring Johnson in two songs.

Parent’s songs are very much an expression of her moods; revisiting moods connected to growing up, her family, and past lovers. “The art of songwriting is what moves me in ways that connect my head, my heart, and my body,” she said. “Songs spark memories of fantastic moments that take me back to it and let me dance around in it for a while. Other songs make me realize how far I have come since that breakup, or that death, or that thing that happened.” All of the songs are about love, in one way or another. 

Parent approaches her solo songs from a rhythm and drummer perspective; moving it along so the musical bed is always dynamic and charging forward. Parent’s distinct soft vocals and thoughtful lyrics offer listeners a pleasing contrast. Though Parent has an overall folksy vibe, listeners will also enjoy her rock and blues sounds.

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