Album Review: Bridge Street Revival’s Self-Titled EP

BETHLEHEM — On July 30th, Bridge Street Revival released their self-titled debut EP. What made this band interesting was that it’s largely fronted by young, talented singers: Halley Pascucci, Jenna Snyder, and Logan Gonzalez. The well-performed vocals are nicely supported by the backing band, comprised of Chris Dollard on piano and keyboards, Jim Staats on acoustic guitar, Tom Keller on acoustic and lead guitars, Pete Vumbaco on drums and percussion, Tim Keenan on bass, and Rikk Anderson on steel guitar.

While the tunes were all fairly straightforward, the production value on this EP was definitely noted and worth mention. As a guitarist, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to some of the tones that Keller coaxed out of his instrument, as well as the solos that were sprinkled throughout the album. On top of this, the album was extremely well-mixed and everything stood out clearly.

Largely reminiscent of old gospel records, Bridge Street Revival has crafted an album that gives younger folks the spotlight. In an industry that is flooded with tons of adult artists, it was nice to hear kids get the chance to show their musical talents as well. Armed with a positive religious message, and songs that are steeped in styles of rock, and country, Bridge Street Revival has released an album that, despite its potentially niche market, will surely be enjoyed time and time again by those who are fans of the genre.

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You can listen to this album on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. For those that want to catch the talent of these young singers live, you can see them perform next at the Great Schaghticoke Fair on September 5th.

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