Album (EP) Review: Kyla Silk’s “Garden”

Kyla Silk’s new EP dropped Friday, August 6th, and it truly shines and carries with it the weight of an old soul for such a young artist. The four-track EP “Garden” is available now on streaming services and you can catch this talented singer-songwriter around the Capital Region.

The record kicks off with “Ruins.” Silk’s control of her voice blends smoothly with the backing band.  The backline is very tight allowing some beautiful keys to flow over top.  The track is mixed perfectly with the chorus blending perfectly with the soaring vocal solos.  It’s a very catchy track and a great choice to kick off this record. 

Photo by Adrian Lewis

When asked about the production Silk said, “We produced the EP under a student-run record label called Rose Record Label Group. I had multiple student producers work with me on the project but the main producers have been Juliana Castrillon, Eyo Tadesse, Norrece Dowell, and Marcos Perez.”

The second track “Inspiration” builds to a couple of incredible crescendos with the vocals again taking flight.  There is more of a jazz vibe with intricate guitar work throughout the tune.  The lyrics are sly and fun, and something all artists can relate to.  “Inspiration” is a playful track that fits nicely with this four-track EP and again highlights Silk’s control of her incredible vocal range.  The third track “Flavors” starts with the same jazz vibe and then rolls into a Latin-themed chorus, “Call Me Over, Call Me Up, I wanna know your flavor, Know your love, and if you don’t want nothin let’s just talk…” The third movement has a guest hip hop element with Z The Author dropping a few lines.  It’s a super fun track.

“I wrote every song, and of course I worked with some songwriters as well. I write the lyrics and I often collaborate with musicians to find the right sound. I co-wrote Inspiration and Flavors with Pink Nois, I also worked with Z the Author as he featured on Flavors and Garden. Nico Santone sat in on the writing session of Ruins, and the song came to fruition while recording vocals for the first time.”

Kyla Silk

The final and title track “Garden” seems like a mash-up of Stevie Wonder flair and Prince’s production with Silk’s wonderful and unique voice controlling the beat.  The production and mix are again spot on and this funky number really shines.  Another great few guest lines are dropped into the middle of this one, and Silk calls for women to empower themselves.  A sentiment and sound are much needed in this world.  The EP overall is a magnanimous first effort in what will undoubtedly be a full career from this super talented young woman.  Give “Garden” a listen and share it with some friends.  It is a very well spent 13 minutes and 1 second, and you will most likely find it on repeat and adding it to playlists.  

When asked about what putting this art into the world means for her, Silk said “This record is a collection of growth through the last 4 years I’ve had. I felt that in times where I needed myself the most, I found peace and closure in writing about my inner struggles with the outer world. I have been finding myself through my music and will continue to do so, and I hope that I can connect my journey with those that connect with me through my life and through music. This is a never-ending journey of self-actualization in my eyes and I hope to continue learning through my music.” 

A wonderful sentiment, during a time where so many are looking for that hope and light.  Give “Garden” a listen, you can find some right here.  As the title track states in the last line “I’m a wildflower blooming again!”

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  1. Lisa Tuminello (Reynolds) says

    Kyla is a wonderful talent!! She’s a gifted musician, as well as, a kind, giving young lady. Kyla has been volunteering her time and talents to my son’s foundation for years now. Everyone loves Kyla’s musical talents and they always look forward to hearing her songs each year. Congratulations Kyla on your many successes!!! We all love you and are proud of you!!

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