Get Visual: Spiritual Roots — Wendy Ide Williams at Laffer Gallery

SCHUYLERVILLE — It’s been quite a while since the painter Wendy Ide Williams has been the subject of a solo exhibition, and her current tour de force at The Laffer Gallery in Schuylerville, entitled Spiritual Roots, shows just how overdue this event is.

Night Blooming Riot – mixed media on paper 2019

I’ve been following Williams’ career since the late 1970s, when we were both art students in Providence, R.I., and she was already pretty good back then – but I can easily say that she just keeps getting better. The selection of 48 paintings on paper or canvas currently at Laffer presents an artist absolutely on fire.

More than half the show consists of a grid of same-sized small works on paper, all of which are quickly made drawings in ink and watercolor from the last couple of years. This display alone would be worthy of a show, as it eloquently delineates the complex and heartfelt process of daily exploration that is the backbone of Williams’ process. In contrast to the larger works on paper and the much more layered acrylic paintings on canvas that make up the rest of the show, these pieces have a lightness and a more visibly direct connection to nature that reveals an essential quality of Williams’ otherwise persistently abstract imagery.

Flowers, mixed media on paper 2018

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