LIVE: The Backseat Lovers @ The Hollow, Albany, 08/03/2021

There’s no better way to welcome The Backseat Lovers to Albany than their sold-out show at The Hollow this past week. The group, with members Josh Harmon (lead singer), Jonas Swanson (guitarist and vocalist), Juice Welch (drummer), and KJ Ward (bass player), quickly rose in popularity after their song ‘Kilby Girl’ went viral on TikTok.

Even with a last-minute venue change, the small indie rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah did not let a smaller space lessen the production value of the show. With smooth song transitions and great stage presence, their performance at The Hollow really highlighted the group’s dedication to their music and it is no surprise the venue was packed to the brim.

They played songs off of their debut album When We Were Friends, released in 2019 along with two new songs the band had been working on recently. As the whole crowd sang and danced along to every song, it made me realize how badly everyone truly needed something like this after everything we have gone through in these past two years. The Backseat Lovers were certainly able to make a socially distanced two years well worth the wait.

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