Canella releases debut single “Quiet Love”

Canella, a local Albany indie rock band, released their first single “Quiet Love” with its own music video this morning. The song was inspired by the lead singer’s experience with homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I was kicked out of my living space at the beginning of the pandemic and wrote this song in the middle of feeling like I didn’t fit anywhere”– Juliana Castrillon. 

The driving tune poses questions of self-doubt and belonging that any sad song listener can connect to. The debut marks a transformation from some of the band members’ former band Waitress, into their newer more rock-influenced sound. The music video was directed by a videographer and musician from the capital region’s scene, Will Fredette, lead singer of El Modernist, and celebrates the Albany DIY scene’s sense of collaboration. 

Canella brings a Latin spice to her indie folk-rock style. With some pop influences, her songwriting is full of intricate melodies that tell stories of existentialism and share intimate thoughts. Born and raised in Colombia, but listening to 70’s and 90’s rock, Canella dove deeper into her solo songwriting career, utilizing her influences from former Albany local band Waitress, and implementing these elements into her more personal sound.

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