RICHARD LOVRICH Wishes you “Have A Very Bad Day”

What do creatives do in their spare time? Well, the omnipresent Richard Lovrich writes macabre short stories with short introductory opening sentences and are unlikely word paintings of absurd events. Most having gruesome endings but are designed to bring a guilty subdued laugh to the reader.

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Richard began writing these as a private journal as a young man to get his mind thinking “outside the box” and ready for the day. These were first shared on Facebook a while back and during the pandemic, these short stories became a book published by The Troy Book Makers, “Have A Very Bad Day”.

These readings were done earlier at bookstores. This particular reading had the added talents of publisher Peter DeLocis of Mopco reading the titles and DJ Trumastr adding musical, sound effect editorial embellishments along with some alcohol being served what could wrong?

After all, the stories talking about “Artisanal Heroin”, “Enlarged Prostates that block the Holland Tunnel”, and ” A singer’s ambitions being sidetracked to become an Ice Road Trucker” all need a drink to become more believable.

A truly unusual way to exercise your creativity. What unusual ways do you celebrate your creativity? Everybody has some.

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