LIVE: Tani Tabaal Trio/Thelonius Funk, Hudson, 08/28/2021

Avant-garde jazz is a pocket niche in the jazz world. Many who enjoy straight ahead, postbop, and smooth jazz are not fans of this subgenre. However, it has a loyal fanbase and demands that its practitioners are virtuosos and often play in other genres as well.

It may pop up in small venues and parks. Such was the case on Saturday night in Hudson. On relatively short notice, 2 bands of dedicated musicians showed up at an unnamed pocket park in Hudson each performing their own set of music. The event was billed as “Melodious Thunk” (Play on Thelonius Monk’s name).

The first set featured a quintet of musicians from Bard College playing continuously a set of music in which familiar music such as “Red Clay”.

The Tani Tabaal Trio features a trio of musicians who are maestros in this genre. They also played a continuous set of music. The highlight was Joe McPhee’s playing which included crying/vocalizing into his saxophone.

Tani Tabaal – drums (among his credits w/ Cassandra Wilson, Sun Ra, David Murray, James Carter, Geri Allen)
Joe McPhee- alto/tenor saxophone (active player since 1969)
Michael Bisio- bass (Matthew Shipp Trio, composer of over 100 works)

The concert was witnessed by a small crowd including many out-of-towners. This should be an encouragement that other concerts of this type will occur in Hudson. Stay tuned for details.

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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