Book Review: “G.O.A.T a/k/a Gospel of Afronomics Theology” by Minister Zumbi Shawala

Mr. Chris Johnson, B.Msc is the reserved and insightful author of G.O.A.T a/k/a Gospel of Afronomics Theology and the founder of Liberty Hall Press Group in Albany. Gospel of Afronomics Theology is his debut tome about changing your personal economic future. His book is what he calls “Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad meets Malcolm X’s Black Nationalism. G.O.A.T. is used as an economic philosophy to cut across religious, fraternal, political, civic, and cultural positions in the African World Community. Your economic status impacts all facets of your life.” The African World Community is in a unique economic quagmire which is why during his twenty-two years of research, he became focused on their specific strife.

Chris is a wise iconoclast who is always striving to educate and uplift the African World Community. He is a deep thinker which is represented in his nom de plume which is Brother Minister Zumbi Y Shawala, his alter ego. Zumbi was the leader of the quilombo called Palmares, a haven for formerly enslaved Africans. Zumbi led the resistance to end the enslavement of Africans from the Dutch and Portuguese sugar plantations in 17th Century Brazil. Shawala is an advisor or counselor, a word derived from the Xhosa people of Nigeria. His alter ego represents his evolution as a scholar, advisor, economic thought leader, and entrepreneur. It is a role that Mr. Johnson has embraced by guiding students and clients to economic independence and financial freedom. Chris believes that your mindset, not your money will determine your prosperity or poverty. 

Gospel of Afronomics Theology is a Black Economic Liberation Theology (B.E.L.T) that Mr. Johnson has coined. Although initially designed to address the needs of the African World Community, anyone can adopt these principles and philosophies today and begin to incorporate them into their life. Starting with seven principles the final tally is sixty-one. There are sixteen core beliefs with ten financial commandments. There are also two diagrams that he has designed: Wealth Building Quadrant and Pyramid of Prosperity. Chris provides guidelines and some milestones that are achievable in ninety days. An individual can follow and receive immediate impact on their journey toward economic freedom and independence. The easiest principle to apply immediately is the Ten Percent Solution. For every dollar that you make, pay yourself ten cents first. Put it in a savings account and watch those dimes grow. Chris suggests saving for an opportunity not for a rainy day.“ Your money should be hustling harder than you.” 

The strategies in G.O.A.T can be instituted by an individual or a group. In ninety days, all your dimes would add up to a windfall. Those results could change your mindset which would aid you and your family during the holidays and into the new year. Are you up for the challenge? G.O.A.T a/k/a Gospel of Afronomics Theology is now an award winning book. Earlier this year, Mr. Johnson was the proud recipient of the 2021 Nat Turner Library Black Books Award for Excellence. G.O.A.T is available in paperback for purchase via and Kindle.

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