Forte Presents: “Blank Expression” by Sydney Worthley

Sydney Worthley is an Albany-based alt-pop prodigy who strives to make connections with her audience through her healing processes. Since her debut at 15 years old, Worthley has become a steadfast presence in the Capital Region scene. 

On Sunday September 5th, Worthley recorded a live session with collaborators Julia Alsarraf (bass, vocals) and Leo Valenchis (electric guitar) and the Forte Creative group production team on the top floor of Takk House in Troy, NY. Worthley and her bandmates played three original songs and have just shared their ardent and driven performance of Blank Expression, a track off Worthley’s 2020 EP Rose Colored Glasses.

Forte is an artist-owned cooperative building an equitable platform to support the regional music community. Sydney Worthley is a member-artist on Forte’s cooperative roster. Worthley and her bandmates organized this live recording session with the Forte Production team (Reese Fulmer, Mikhael Mulholland, and Christopher Scesny) and other member-artists (Sara Milonovich, Cloudbelly, and Angelina Valente). Forte will continue to coordinate these production opportunities for member-artists and plans to open these sessions to a small group of invited guests as a studio audience in community spaces around the Capital Region and Western MA. 

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