Sean Rowe releases new single “I WON’T RUN” with Classic Country Vibe

Today, Sean Rowe unleashed “I Won’t Run,” the latest from his brilliant forthcoming LP The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights, due out on October 8th via Fluff & Gravy Records. “Sean Rowe promises a lifetime of love in ‘I Won’t Run,’ a quiet, romantic, traditional country waltz,” said The Boot in the track’s premiere.

“When Waylon said, ‘I don’t think Hank would have done it that way,’ I’d like to think he was predicting what would become ‘modern country music,” Rowe said of the song. “One thing I love about the older country songs was the honesty, the humor, and the poetry. Willie, Waylon, Cash, and Kristofferson went straight to the heart for me. I still draw from that stuff. This song is of course a reflection of my influence there.”

Photo by Joe Navas

The song features backing vocals from artist Courtney Hartman, which Rowe revealed was a happy accident. “I thought her guitar playing on the record to be stellar, and uniquely her own,” he said. “I believe she was just humming along in the control room on the playback and her voice stuck out to me. She was a little sheepish about singing on that track but I was adamant that she sing with me and it’s just not as good without her voice in there.”

“I Won’t Run” follows the release of “Squid Tattoo,” a song about the fleeting feeling of romantically projecting a future life with someone who you haven’t actually met yet and one that will most likely never happen. “I think there’s actually an underlying sadness in the song despite being on the surface, tongue in cheek,” he adds, referencing the song lyrics, “Now I love you/But I can’t believe you’re from Ohio.” “I’m really not trying to offend Ohio’s sensibility here. But, a good line is a good line.” Rowe has also released album tracks “Little Death,” which Rowe said is about “that strange elation that comes at the end of a long journey with another soul,” and lead single “To Make It Real,” in which Rowe is “alluding to the duality that I feel is in all of us. All the hidden parts and all the guts that spill out when we’re faced with tragedy, adversity, or a broken heart.”

The Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights will be released on CD and double-vinyl, as well as available on all streaming services on October 8th.

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