Henry Rollins “Good To See You Tour” Cracks the Egg’s 2022 Schedule

Step Up Presents and SLP Concerts announced that Henry Rollins, from Black Flag, will be coming to The Egg in Albany on Monday, March 21st. On the Good To See You 2022 tour Henry will faithfully recount the events of his life in the brief pre-COVID period since the last tour and when things got even stranger over the last several months. It’s been an interesting time to say the least and he’s got some great stories to tell.

In describing Henry Rollins, the tendency is to try to squeeze as many labels as possible into a single sentence. “Rollins is many things,” says The Washington Post, “diatribist, confessor, provocateur, humorist, even motivational speaker…his is an enthusiastic and engaging chatter.” Entertainment Weekly’s list includes “Punk Rock icon. Spoken word poet. Actor. Author. DJ. Is there anything this guy can’t do?” TV Guide has more concisely called him a “Renaissance Man” but if Henry Rollins could be reduced to a single word, that word would undoubtedly be “workaholic.” When he’s not traveling, Rollins prefers a to keep a relentless schedule full of work, with gigs as an actor, author, DJ, voice-over artist and TV show host to name a few of the roles that keep his schedule full. Rollins has toured the world as a spoken word artist, as frontman for both Rollins Band and Black Flag and as a solitary traveler with insatiable curiosity, favoring road-less traveled locales in places such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Siberia, North Korea, South Sudan and Iran.

• Author of more than 30 books, including Black Coffee Blues, Get in the Van, Solipsist, Roomanitarian and Broken Summers
• The travelogue series, A Grim Detail, A Mad Dash, A Preferred Blur and A Dull Roar documents Henry’s travels through Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
• The Before the Chop series (parts I-III) compile Henry’s LA Weekly articles in their original, unedited form.
• Occupants, features photos and essays from Henry’s international travels. Spoken Word Performer
• Henry is well known for his popular spoken word performances, or “talking shows,” that mix political commentary and personal anecdote, humor, outrage and pop culture, all with a healthy dose of skepticism. Dozens of Rollins’ talking show performances were released on DVD and available to view by streaming or download.

• Dreamland, motion picture, supporting actor
• Portlandia, TV series, guest star
• Sons of Anarchy, TV series, recurring guest star
• He Never Died, motion picture, lead actor
• Previous acting credits include more than 20 films, including Lost Highway, Bad Boys II, Heat, The Chase, and voice work for the animated series American Dad, Adventure Time and others.

TV Host
• 10 Things You Don’t Know About, History Channel H2 series
• Animal Underworld With Henry Rollins, National Geographic series
• Born To Rage, National Geographic Explorer special
• The Henry Rollins Show, IFC series
• Henry’s Film Corner, IFC series

• Weekly radio show host, KCRW 89.9, Los Angeles, (2009-present)
• Weekly radio show, “Harmony In My Head,” 103.1 FM, Los Angeles, (2004-2009)
• Rollins Band nominated for Best Metal Performance for the song “Liar,” 37th Annual GRAMMY Awards
• Henry spearheaded the West Memphis Three benefit album Rise Above, featuring two dozen songs by his former band (Black Flag) played by his then-current Rollins Band line up
• Before leading Rollins Band, Henry made his mark as the frenetic frontman for legendary band Black Flag.

• Southern California Journalism Award, 2017
• Ray Bradbury Award, 2014
• GRAMMY Award, Get In The Van: On the Road with Black Flag, 1994

For more information visit henryrollins.com

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