B. Chaps and Freedom Stratton Premiere Video for “Wealth”

Rappers B. Chaps and Freedom Stratton are set to drop a new video for their hook-laden, piano driven hype track “Wealth.”

“Wealth” is a inspired track about motivation and grinding that marks a more aggressive stylistic departure for the Rexius Records duo, while staying true to their signature “feel good” vibe.

“It’s our entrance into a new style of hip-hop for us, a debut song for our heavier, more intense style,” B. Chaps said.

The video, produced by Patrick Flores and directed by Flores and B. Chaps, gives the cinematic treatment to an underworld narrative of gambling schemes and easy money. The rappers are first seen throwing down at a high stakes go-cart race confrontation. A second act reveal shows that Stratton and Chaps are in cahoots to throw the race, and the Albany-area artists are rewarded with a classic car and a bag of money that they split as they drive off into the sunset with $100 bills littering the scenery.

The video for the track, which has been released as a single and is already gaining momentum on streaming services, is part of a series of blood-pumping videos that will tie together with overlapping plots and characters.

“Listen. Don’t play with my wealth, don’t play with my time. Everything I do I put my all into and my energy into and that’s what we’re writing about,” Chaps insists.

Fittingly enough for a song that promotes “get money, smoke trees, stay to myself,” the video’s amusement park shoot location was secured with a handshake and a bag of weed.

“Wealth,” will soon be re-released on a three-track project, and it’s flashy video is poised to introduce hundreds of thousands of viewers to the rapping duo.

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