Plush’s New Self-Titled Album Reviewed by TNT’s Tony Harnell

Editor’s Note: This album review was done by Tony Harnell and published by Nippertown with Tony’s blessings and permission. Harnell is an American rock singer, best known for his work with the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. He is also known for his wide vocal range, with his modal voice spanning over four octaves. In 2015, Harnell was briefly the frontman for heavy metal band Skid Row.

I don’t normally write reviews of new albums. I rarely am excited enough to be able to want to try. I was lucky enough to receive a private link to the full debut album from PLUSH a couple of days ago and I’m kind of in shock.

I’ve known Moriah Formica for several years and even played a show with her a few years back. Everyone that’s been following her knew she was destined for greatness but she’s exceeded all expectations…and that’s saying a lot since expectations were always high!

Enter Plush! A powerhouse band of young women that will kick your ass while filling your ears with magical melodic fire. First of all, Moriah sings her ass off. And although in passing she’ll remind you of many great female and male rock singers, she’s better than all of them. Sings with full-on power right up through the stratosphere with beautiful tone and precision control. She’s the best female rock singer I’ve ever heard. Period.

Then there’s her band. All on her level.

Brooke C’s drumming holds the groove as well as any rock drumming legend and pushes the band in all the right places. Playing for the song but playing with full abandonment. That’s what’s so great about this album. These ladies are full of fire and relentless energy but they manage to restrain themselves in all the right places. This is mature rock. Well written and well-executed.

Ashley Suppa kills it on the bass and is a perfect bottom-end teammate for Colucci’s groove. Holding it all down like a beautifully crafted machine.

Photo by Ellisa Ebersold

And then there’s the fiery lead guitarist Bella Perron! It’s rare to hear a rock guitarist in 2021 that actually has a great classic guitar tone and feel. She completely does, and way beyond her years. She can shred but chooses to hold back and play with feel and melody even when playing aggressively.

That’s the theme of the band as a whole. Restrained fire. They go all the way but they also know when to breathe. That’s something you normally don’t hear in young players. These girls know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s scary to think this is the debut album and exciting to wonder where this will go! My bet is that it’s going straight to legendary status. The production is powerful clean and spot on. The album is modern hard rock with lots of classic metal blended in. It rides that line flawlessly. I can’t imagine any hard rock or metal fan not loving this.

Anyway…get your hands on Plush’s debut album as soon as it’s released on October 29th! Good luck girls! Not that you need any!🤘🏻

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