Stories From a Bar #48, Alex Magnan of Young Culture

For Episode 48 of Stories From A Bar Chris gets the opportunity to chat with Alex Magnan, lead singer of the band Young Culture. The guys go on to talk all about everything from how the band came together and their early days in Albany to the upcoming Umbra tour with the band Grayscale that coincidently kicks off at Empire Live in Albany this Wednesday night.

Young Culture

Childhood friends Alex, Gabe, and Troy started Young Culture while still in high school and haven’t looked back since. Alex covers everything from the first Young Culture show at a firehouse in Troy to catching the attention of Albany-based independent label Equal Vision Records with who they are currently signed. Of course, the guys also discuss the band’s Self-Titled debut album as well as go through their latest EP Godspeed and talk about the songs track by track. As well as the excitement level to finally play these songs live since both releases came out during the pandemic and have not been played in front of people.

So be sure to check out Episode 48 of the Stories From A Bar to hear all about the band Young Culture and their music and be sure not to miss them on The Umbra Tour. You’ll find the show on all major podcast platforms so be sure to like and subscribe. Also, follow Stories From A Bar on Facebook, Twitter (@StoriesFAB), and Instagram to see what’s coming up or general fun shenanigans. Lastly, a big thank you to Alex Magnan for being on the show!

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