A Few Minutes With… Ryan Leddick and his New Single, “Stay the Night”

TROY — While going over recent submissions, I came across Ryan Leddick’s latest single, “Stay The Night.” I’m very glad I found it! A song rife with compelling melodies, and a strong, confident, and unrelenting acoustic guitar part, it proves to be extremely enjoyable. Sometimes with higher registered vocals, melodies are prone to thinning out; this is all but the case, here. Leddick’s vocal delivery soars, and soars in a huge way over a nice backbeat groove provided by the bass and drums.

The only downside, and a small one at that, is as soon as the vocals enter, much of the instrumentation is introduced and remains constant; almost leaving the song’s development with nowhere else to go. This fact changes near the end of the tune during the last chorus when the electric guitars and drums really open up. It is a fantastic song through-and-through, with sterling production. To this listener, at least, it sounds like Ryan evaluated artists under the vein of current renowned singer-songwriters and improved upon their sound; losing the trite and cliché factors of which this particular author is not a fan. I cannot wait to hear more from Leddick! Continue reading below to catch a conversation between myself and the artist.

Ryan Leddick’s, “Stay The Night,” cover art

Lucas Garrett: Thanks for sitting down with me on such short notice! I heard your latest song, and all I can say is “Hot DAMN, what a vocal!” Tell us a bit about your latest release, Ryan!

Ryan Leddick: Haha – thank you so much! Well, this release was a mixture of a tune I started before the pandemic and many additions by the wonderful Carl Blackwood. So grateful for that man and his creative genius. So, the tune “Stay The Night” was written in the depths of loneliness brought on by my first time living alone in my single apartment in Albany. When all you want is someone to hear you and listen to you vent or talk about nothing. Many times, we see the assumptions of staying the night leading to more physical things – this song is a measured theme to paint the idea of something more platonic and indeed more fleeting. The constant want to be heard.

LG: With this song’s lyrical content, it almost feels as if it has to be pulled from a direct experience. Do you find most of your songs are written in this fashion?

RL: You could say that, haha! I do find my life is good fodder for whatever my inner songwriter is feeling. But in this instance, I was really just lonely and just really wanted to have someone hear me just talk. I feel everyone has been there. Most people would get annoyed and walk off. Haha, I wanted to just have someone ‘stay the night’ and just listen to me vent.

Ryan Leddick, photo credit: Mike De Socio

LG: Being such a strong single, do you plan on turning this into a song for a future album?

RL: I would love to add this single to an album. I am not sure what my next one will be or the context but this is a wonderful contender.

LG: With so many things originally up in the air, and still up in the air over COVID-19, how do you as an artist plan to promote the release?

RL: Well, as you know social media is key! I have a few things coming up as they may be interesting to people. I also have on my radar some live streams as they really haven’t left our lives quite yet and some possible face-to-face gigs in the fall and winter.

LG: Lastly, if there’s anything I may have missed or neglected to touch on, please feel free to elaborate on anything you’d like to discuss!

RL: Well, really it’s just a tune that I am very proud of and please keep a look out for more to come (@RyanLeddickMusic on Instagram and www.ryanleddick.com). There is another single on the horizon and a possible album next year!

LG: Thanks, again, Ryan, and good luck with your release!

RL: Thank you – Stay safe!

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