It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT! November 11th

It’s Local 518 Thursday! Click on the artist/band and song featured on the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show to find out more about them, and support by listening to & purchasing the songs. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage. Have music you want us to hear? Submission guidelines can be found at the webpage link too. Send us stuff! A version of the following is posted on the Local 518 Facebook page.
Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio, the Local 518 Show rocks n rolls with a playlist that features…

Candy Ambulance – “Horses
Fine Grain – “Missing Adult
Niksen – “Bruise
Architrave – “Headcount
pencildive – “Skin
Hate Club – “Eat More” (on Brace Cove Records)
El Modernist – “Lines

The Attic Classic: By the time ‘Speaker Eater’ came out in 2001, Saratoga County based trio Small Axe had made many statements. Not via the local music press, but by the music contained on two previous discs and a cassette only demo. Their overall sound made the case for experimental, psychedelic stoner rock that sometimes looked back but always to the future. They broke apart the standard rock styles then reconfigured them, with no effect pedal too weird to use on any instrument.

All their recordings were created in a state-of-the-art cellar studio space, tucked underneath an isolated non-descript old farmhouse in Ballston Lake, where the band also rehearsed their live shows.

As Small Axe began work on their second album, Dave Burton vacated the drummer’s throne to pursue other creative interests, for the band and himself.  DJ Miller and Jimbo Burton called on Thom Hall, an acquaintance from their years in Buffalo, to take Dave’s place. A year later came ‘Speaker Eater‘ which contains our Attic Classic “You Got Your Wish.”

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Here’s a video taken by Matt Prinzing of the original Small Axe trio of DJ Miller (guitar/vocals), Jim Burton (bass), & Dave Burton (drums) live in a basement in Buffalo NY in the early 1990’s, working it out on “Bubbling Mud.”

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