Children of the Speakers bring the Beats and Freaks to Parish House

Dark, gritty, pulsating beats crossed with all black, latex, and traveling circus freaks are what defines Children of the Speakers. A new event on December 10th in Albany, New York is set to draw lovers of underground music to experience unique audio and visual experience as well as a welcoming and discreet environment. Taking cues from cities such as Berlin and New York.

Distinctly different from EDM nights, The music is focused on purely underground music with an edge. The concept of underground music parties from the early 90s has slowly turned into large scale concerts where the stage is the focus. “ We want to change the content of a DJ being above the party. This night is curated with thoughts and ideas focused on the attendees feeling comfortable dancing alone in the dark. And not facing a stage with a smartphone in hand” A policy that is strictly enforced in larger cities such as Berlin. “ I think smartphones kill the vibe of the party, everyone wants to capture everything they’re doing constantly. We want our audience to be present and mindful and respectful of each other. By discouraging photos and videos on the dance floor it will focus on the energy of the party itself. That energy comes from each other. The exchange that gathering creates through music and atmosphere. There is nothing more beautiful than a room full of smiling faces screaming and clapping and dancing together. Let’s be honest, the past couple of years have hit all of us hard. I think it’s time that Albany has a place for people to call home without having to drive 3 hours to Brooklyn.”

Children of the Speakers will be featuring two rooms of music with talented headliners SCOTTO and DJ/Producer Anthony Nero. With support from billboard charting artist DJ SYNES and DJ/Producer Scanner Darkly and Resist the Club’s own Boss Salvage. “ I’m only working with the best in the business, these are artists and friends of mine who have done amazing things throughout their careers and are exceptionally talented. Everyone from our artists playing to our production crew (Lyons Den) to our hostesses (Isis Vermouth) are people I love and respect. That’s how you have to do it in today’s world.”

Children’s host for the evening is the legendary ISIS VERMOUTH who has been a staple in drag culture for over two decades. “She’s a trip, and exceptionally creative. She Oozes the vibe we’re creating. I’ve Been a fan and Friend for as long as I can remember. I felt really honored she would do this for us, she brings an energy and edge that makes me smile with glee.

Not only will Children Of the Speakers feature talent in the form of audio bliss but will focus and highlight local artists and DJs by bringing everyone together for a night of music and art. original artwork will be on display by the talented Tabitha Spectra and Stephanie Levay. local DJs Todd Tomato and Duane Majer round the roster for a night of the area’s best techno house and industrial.

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