Madison VanDenburg releases “The Light of Christmas”

Local musical sweetheart Madison VanDenburg dropped a Christmas song today, one for all of us to enjoy. Let’s examine her new release, “The Light of Christmas.”

Regardless of your religious or spiritual practices, I think everyone can appreciate a solid Christmas song when it’s done right. For example, I was raised Jewish,  but when a classic Christmas hymn is executed well (for example, “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”), it can give me goosebumps and even sometimes the prickle of involuntary tears, though the tears usually come when it’s a choir.

“The Light of Christmas” offers you what you want in a new Christmas song. It’s got the soft serenading vocals, a few soaring vocal runs, some jazzy piano riffs, and of course a steady rhythm of jingle bells. Most importantly of all, it has that quintessential warmth which offers up magical Christmas whimsy, swaddling you tight just like your favorite blanket. 

However, knowing what Madison is capable of, I was not entirely satiated by this tune. As beautiful as it is, the song is very safe for her. When I think of others who have similar vocal capabilities, such as Kelly Clarkson or even Mariah Carey to an extent, there’s a certain fierceness to their music. Yes, even the softer Christmas songs. I think this song could have benefited from a little more risk, something that showcased her range more. I think that would have put the little bow on top of this nicely-wrapped gift.

Even if you’re like me and not spiritual, or simply not observing the holiday for whatever reason, I still think this is a sweet little song you’ll ultimately find yourself singing along to. It’s cozy, and calls to mind those Currier & Ives picture-perfect holiday moments: sitting on the couch with your favorite plush blanket and a cat curled in your lap while the fireplace snaps and there’s a dusting of snow wisping down.Maybe you are gingerly sipping a cup of cocoa or tea, and your favorite Hallmark cheesefest is playing on television. Maybe you’re enthralled by the latest novel on your reading list. Whatever is in your homey holiday vision, “The Light of Christmas” is sure to evoke some of that spirit within you. So go ahead, put it on your Holiday playlist.

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