LIVE: Jam for Josh 2 @ The Hangar on the Hudson, 11/22/2021

TROY — On an otherwise overcast and cold fall day in Upstate NY, a feeling of serene nostalgia clung to the notes emanating from the Hangar on the Hudson in Troy. Family, friends, and well-wishers watched as some of the best local musicians played their hearts out in remembrance of Josh Bloomfield. Josh, an incredibly talented drummer and musician whose immense presence found him behind the kits of many bands sadly passed in September of 2020 after battling the effects of Cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare and aggressive type of cancer. November 21st marks the second annual “Jam for Josh”, a musical celebration in which area musicians had the chance to come together and do what they and Josh loved, express theirs hearts through music.

Photo by Amy Klemme

The Hangar on the Hudson had a somber but electric atmosphere as the Chris Busone Band kicked off the evening, bringing the local venue to life with a mixture of everyone’s favorite British-invasion hits from the likes of The Beatles and Rolling Stones before switching to a more aggressive and punchy blues set with the addition of harmonica.

Next up, two bands that were very near and dear to Josh – Soul Sky and Soul Serenade. Led by Joe Mele and Mark Emanation, the bands kicked off their sets with soulful energy as if Josh was there playing along with them. Behind the main kit was Jeff Prescott, the current drummer of Soul Sky but next to him a handful of guest drummers such as Larry Copcar, Steve Canden, OP Callaghan, Chad Ploss, and Joe Daley rotated into the mix adding their own unique sounds as a deeply moving way of honoring their fallen drummer. The last set was truly a shining example of all the great musicians in Upstate NY coming together for one meaningful and deeply personal reason – to honor Josh Bloomfield.

Cholangiocarcinoma is a very rare and aggressive form of cancer, affecting less than 20,000 cases per year. For more information on Cholangiocarcinoma or to make a donation in memory of Josh, please visit:

Photo Gallery by Amy Klemme

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