LIVE: Lucid & Annie in the Water @ The Strand, Plattsburgh, 11/26/2021

Lucid, a band local to Plattsburgh, has been entertaining North Country music feigns for over twenty years. Last night, they filled the Strand Theatre which marked their first time playing in Plattsburgh in over four years. It seemed like their presence in the Plattsburgh music scene had no pause, as the audience naturally took to the music.

Annie In The Water started the night off, and by the end of their set, most of the seats were empty and the audience moved to the front to dance. Each song started off as a jam session, with some bits of casual conversation, and evolved into a crescendo of well-blended instruments and voices. This performance was their last of 2021, but they will be starting in 2022 on January 14th at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs.

Lucid stepped on stage and instantly created a sense of warmth in the cold, rainy Plattsburgh night. Annie In The Water perfectly prepared the crowd for the uplifting and energetic music that Lucid brought to the stage. It felt like one big party as people of all ages, devoted fans, and new listeners danced their way up to the front and remained there for the entirety of the show.

Photo Gallery by Dakota Gilbert

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