Lost, Misled, Misguided: An Interview with Billie Koi

Billie Koi is a musical gem in New York’s Capital region to who I am pleased to introduce you. At 20 years old, Albany’s born-and-raised Koi has just released her debut EP (11/26/21) titled “Lost Misled Misguided.” The project is a collection of soulful R&B vibes, matched with lyrics about love, loss, self-discovery, and personal growth. It covers topics thoroughly which lots of other popular music are lacking. LMM is refreshing to listen to, especially in times like these because it leaves you with a sense of hope and positivity.

It was recorded at Gxldie London studios in Troy and is five tracks long.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Billie Koi and talk about the EP with her. Read below.

BC: When did u start the process of recording?

Billie: It’s been a process of like a year of work. I had a big break during the time of recording and writing. I was just finding myself and doing a lot of persona development 

BC: Do you feel like COVID affected your interest in exploring more self-discovery?

Billie: For sure. I feel like it had a big impact on everybody that way. Well, I shouldn’t say everybody (laughs), a lot of people 

BC: What does this project mean to you?

Billie: It’s the beginning of my story and it’s about how I’ve overcome multiple obstacles and the process of being blind and really just going with the flow of teaching myself everything. LMM is just all of the pain all of the fear all of the trauma that I’m breaking free from.

BC: What made you say “now is the time to make this project”?

Billie: Because I feel like this is just a good time where a lot of people are lost, you feel me? And a lot of people just need something to relate to, especially in Albany. I feel like we’re all really the same just going for different things. It’s the time for me to express myself and put myself out there because I’m becoming the person I’m supposed to be. I know the path is going to manifest into something great. 

Be sure to check out Lost Misled Misguided and follow Billie Koi on social media! @billie__koii

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