Stories From a Bar #49, E.R.I.E.

For Episode 49 of Stories From A Bar Chris gets the opportunity to chat with TJ Foster, Matt Delgado, and Chad Flewwelling who make up ¾ of the Albany-based indie rock band E.R.I.E.. The guys spend some time talking about how TJ’s heart-stopping for 15 seconds was a big catalyst in forming the band as well as signing to the indie record label Mint 400 Records. They also have a lot of fun talking through the band’s album Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die track by track and sharing their thoughts on all the songs as well as how they came together.

So be sure to check out Episode 49 of the Stories From A Bar to hear all about the band E.R.I.E. and their album Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die. You’ll find the show on all major podcast platforms so be sure to like and subscribe. Also, follow Stories From A Bar on Facebook, Twitter (@StoriesFAB), and Instagram to see what’s coming up or general fun shenanigans. Lastly, a big thank you to TJ, Matt, and Chad for being on the show!

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