Bad Mothers Herald the Arrival of Upcoming Album With Crushing Singles

Back in April of this year, the Albany hard rock powerhouse Bad Mothers announced that they had signed with Shooter Jennings’ record label, Black Country Rock. In addition to this exciting news, the band revealed that they were working on releasing their first full-length album.

Photo by Will Fredette

The group, composed of Matt Dalton (Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Flores (Guitar), Kevin Bohen (Bass/Vocals), and Brian Chiappinelli (Drums), officially blasted on to the Capital Region music scene in March of 2017, with the launch of their debut EP, Why Bother. Self-described as “dirty-rock”, over the next few years, Bad Mothers would go on to establish themselves as a major player in the New York rock world. Fast forward to 2021, after months of hard work, the band debuted the first two singles off their new record in October.

The first song “Everything Is Alright” features a heavy, pounding riff, a powerful melody, and a crispy, rhythmic pulse that keeps your head bobbing from start to finish. The song let listeners know right away that the latest material was going to have some legitimate firepower. The tune had an incredibly successful release that received over 150,000 YouTube views.

A few weeks later, the band’s second single came out, and confirmed that Bad Mothers was only scratching the surface of the new self-titled project’s potential. “Hole in My Heart” hits you like a wall of glorious sound, complete with thundering guitars and lush, compelling harmonies. The song provides an encompassing atmosphere that pulls you right in, and leaves you eager to hit that ‘play’ button several more times.

On November 17th, the band released their third and final single, a song titled “Wasted”. Those who have had the pleasure of seeing Bad Mothers in concert at prime local venues, such as Empire Live, and The Hollow, know the wildly infectious passion the group brings to every show. The same energy is on full display in “Wasted”, with its fast, lively, and upbeat vibe that will surely have crowds fervently bopping and singing along. From 2017 to 2021, it appears that the band has clearly developed their already stellar and unique sound into a new and mighty beast that’s ready to storm the airwaves.

All three of the singles are each accompanied by music videos with killer, creative visuals. The full album, Bad Mothers, comes out on all major platforms on December 10th. Be sure to follow Bad Mothers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, and check out their website to keep up with the band.

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