Collar Works Radio #56, Matt Tiernan Vol 2

This week Collar Works Radio host Justin Baker talks with painter/ sound artist Matt Tiernan about his studio practice and his sound work. As promised a year ago, the CW Radio team traveled up to Stillwater to record from Matt’s studio and record the ultimate Tiernan, painting, and guitar combined. In addition, in celebration of our last episode of the year, the CW Radio team put together a sound art piece to start the episode off in a nod to Tiernan himself.  If you want to hear more of Matt’s sound work check out his recording with DRSDMT hosted on the Collar Works Radio station.

Music by:
Intro sound piece | CW Radio Team
Family Blood | Canned Heat (that’s what I think it’s called)
Black Sabbath | It’s Alright

Collar Works Radio host Justin Baker sits down each month with local artists to talk about their artistic processes, inspirations, trials and tribulations in art + life. Collar Works Radio highlights the thought-provoking, worth-seeing exhibitions at fellow art institutions throughout the region that you will not want to miss!

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