LIVE: Architrave and AliceTM @ No Fun, 12/17/2021

There are very few rare occasions in life where I’m left puzzled. I am puzzled by the fact that such new and exciting venues like No Fun in Troy exist. This past Thursday night at No Fun with the team behind Super Dark Collection (Shane Sanchez) was one of them. A night that originated at desperate Annie’s in Saratoga Springs several years ago has found its home at the new DIY venue No Fun on Thursday evenings in Troy.

The venue itself reminds me of the late Valentine’s space on New Scotland Avenue in Albany, now long gone. The aesthetic is beer and music, with a crowd of all ages eager to consume live music once again. 

The opening act for the evening was Natural Classics. A mix of danceable electronic music with an almost Lady Miss Kier vibe from Delite. People danced and moved to the music that was uplifting and fun, creating a positive vibe that could be felt amongst everyone. 

The second act of the evening was a band with origins in Los Angeles. They go by ALICETM. The lead singer, Alice Tolan-Mee and guitarist/producer/partner Ale Roubini, and last but never least drummer Dan Petty. One can’t forget to mention Tarpit(the band’s beatmaker). 

Alice has a haunting voice and a presence on stage that immediately captures your attention. There are musicians who are good. And then there are musicians that can magically work a stage to capture the emotion behind their music and lyrics. And Alice could work it! Engaging with the audience and evoking a feeling of pure, raw emotion was something I was not expecting. Not to mention, the entire band is incredibly kind and down to earth. A band to keep an eye out on for sure. I know I will. 

The evening wrapped up with a local band based out of Ballston Spa. Architrave is an act headed by Jennifer Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman. A fixture in the Albany music scene. Jennifer is involved in a few different projects, including Haley Moley who will be playing a show on December 18th at No Fun. Jennifer does everything from being in multiple bands to being one of my favorite local DJs. I met Jennifer over two decades ago at a local underground dance event, where I fell in love with her seamless mixing skills and commanding track selection. Her voice as a frontman commands the room with elements of synth and emotion in her voice that are haunting and melancholy. This past Thursday reinforced to me that the Capital District is on an upward trend of hosting new and interesting artists in raw settings. And No Fun and the staff get a solid thumbs up from me. I always find the best music venues are created by the music fans themselves. And No Fun takes the win. With a vibe, I have not seen in recent years in the Capital District. Smiling faces mixed with delicious craft beers and a feeling like you finally stepped into a bar with zero attitude and people specifically there for the music.  

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