Photo Gallery: The Samples with Rich Ortiz @ Putnam Place, 12/17/2021

The Samples are more than a band – they represent a culture of fans and music that go beyond who happens to be playing in the band at any given time. There have been many members of The Samples, but Sean Kelly has been the consistent factor throughout all of the changes.

They performed on December 17th at Putnam Place.

Photo Gallery by Claude Sawyer

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  1. R says

    I was a big Samples fan from back in the day
    But this was a lame show I must conclude. They just mailed it in. Nothing there, with a band that seemed like they all just met him for the first time right before the show on the patio. No passion or feel.
    Not to mention, Sean’s recent interviews are showing a “get off my lawn” grumpy old man’s attitude; plus the anti-vaxxer covid-denial shit.
    Made me sad, actually

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