Best of 2021: That Fuzzing Rock Show

Well Nippertown, The end of the year is upon us. Of course, everyone is coming out with my favorite… the top 10 __ (fill in your blank) of 2021. Well, you know me and rules…WHAT RULES?!?! That being said, here is Top 12 list of my best interviews of 2021. They were all pretty freakin’ great… It was hard to make this list, but here goes.

At #12, is March 31st. Jim Gilbert addresses Nippertown in regards to the easter egg hunt that he is doing. As he is explaining what the eggs will have in them, the broadcast is interrupted with a special message. FUZZ IS COMING TO NIPPERTOWN! semi-short interview, but definitely worthy of the list. Jim and Fuzz break the news.

#11 comes from the April 2nd interview with local thrash kings FACED. The boys are always entertaining and never disappoint.

Coming in at #10, local wrestler, actor, musician, and all-around cool mother fucker, Foxx Vinyer. Foxx talked about his wrestling career and all about his music and acting as well. Definitely a great night.

#9 was a great conversation with Will Foley from Above Ground Podcast. He and TPP do amazing podcasts about mental health and you should definitely check them out. Will from Above Ground Podcast.

At #8 was an amazingly popular video on the channel, and super informative. We sat down with Joe Hadeka from 518 Cornhole. Joe makes custom cornhole boards and the craftsmanship is next to none. Check out the interview.

#7 takes us to The Grandstand Jockeys. This interview was around the time they released their first EP. This interview was one of my favorites. Ron and the boys are killing it. Check out The Grandstand Jockeys

Coming in at #6 is one that I had A LOT of fun with. Glass Pony. These guys made a big splash in 2021 and look to come out swinging in 2022. I even pronounced Chanda’s name right. Find that one here Glass Pony…

And now, to the Top 5. I just want to say that this list does not necessarily reflect whom I liked better. It’s just a list of interviews that I thought kicked ass. Ok, enough out of me. Back to the list.

We are here at #5 on the list. Joe Mansman. I really enjoyed the conversation with Joe, and probably could have gone another hour or so. Either way, It was a great time and it’s right here.

#4 is really special to me. Kristen Capolino sat down with us and talked about her career and music with us. Not only is she an amazingly talented musician, but she’s also probably one of the nicest people I know.

Top 3.. and kicking off the upper part of this list is Vegas Nacy. Another interview I could have totally gone several more hours with. Vegas has roughly 26,000 more stories to tell. (and that’s just about The Bruise Brothers). Vegas is doing good things for the community. Check out the interview to see what he’s got going on.

Ok. We’re down to the last 2. #2 on my list has to be the interview with none other than Brick By Brick. Valente and Ray sat down at the Valente compound and talked about everything BXB and had AMAZING stories. Again, could have TOTALLY gone way longer with the boys. This interview was a redemption interview. The first time was plagued by technical difficulties. Definitely redeemed ourselves. (by the way, my phone maxed out storage at the end of the interview. I could only record 4 more seconds!!) Check out this amazing interview we did right here. Brick By F’n Brick!!

Finally, we reach the #1 interview on the list. To be honest guys, EVERY interview was number one in my book. The fact that I’m blessed enough to be able to talk to some of the most talented people is beyond amazing to me. Seriously. I thank each and every person that gives their time to sit down with us. It’s truly awesome.

Ok, so number 1… can only be, probably one of the best interviews I’ve done with a pretty amazing woman, Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese of CBS6 morning news. Alyssa had been doing a fundraiser for Make a Wish of Northeastern NY. It was called Wish Jump. If she raised over a certain amount, she could skydive. Well, she definitely met her mark and then some. I read about it on Instagram and started thinking, “what if we just collected a whole ton of money for her and just blindside her with it” and that’s EXACTLY what we did. From all our degenerates generous donations, we were able to raise $700.00 to present to Alyssa on the show and her reaction is nothing short of amazing. You can see that here.

It is hard to believe 2021 is drawing to a close. Although it isn’t quite the year we had in mind, just remember that it’s not all about the stuff that dragged us down. It’s the good moments, the GREAT moments that matter. Life is full of little moments, make them count folks. Here’s to hoping that 2022 is a year of peace, prosperity, growth, and health for all of us. I know that’s what I’m looking forward to. 2022 is gonna be BIG!!!!

This whole year’s worth of shows is dedicated to my hero. The man who taught me everything I know about being a man, a dad, and a good human. I miss you more than you know Pops and love you tremendously. Thank you. D. E. Kebabjian 1936-2021.

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