Four Local Rockers take the Empire Underground Stage on January 8th

Four local rock bands make up this powerhouse bill that is taking over the industrial vibed lower level of Empire Live, known as Empire Underground, on Saturday, January 8th. Doors open at 7 with music starting at 8. Presale tickets are only $10 dollars and door tickets are $12. This will be THE local rock event to kick off the new year that you can’t miss.

The bill, brought to us by Black ‘n Blue Productions’s Mike Valente, is a showcase of blending rock genres into a night of pure joyous, sexy rock and roll. These musicians are masters of creating a unique sound with layers and vocals will present their stuff to a crowd eager for emerging local music. Four bands, four sets, and plenty of space to throw yourself into the center of it. 

Headlining the bill are local musicians Bendt. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Matt Plummer, delivers a raw grit tone to melodies that hammer lyrically to the core of your gut. Plummer is backed by Carl Blackwood, John Longo, and Cody Bingham. 

Bad Mothers, a band that met in college and have been creating music together since then. Defined as a grungy disco-rock band who is fronted by lead vocalist and guitar player Matt Dalton. Matt has a way of taking a normal show and working the room to a near stomping rock-out frenzy. Hands up in the air, heads moving, and fans engulfed in their music. They round out this sound with lead guitarist Pat Flores and Kevin Bohen on bass and vocals. Brian Chiappinelli, aka B Chaps, on the drums. 

Under The Den, a local band with Madison Lewis on lead vocals. Madison hails from California and her voice echoes into your mind and has tones of powerhouse front women from decades long ago. The incredibly talented Benjamin Zoleski is found on guitar, vocals, and keys. Twin brothers known locally as the Nowak brothers round out the rhythm section. John Nowak on bass and his brother Jason on drums. Together the combined forces create a sleek and sexy rock and roll sound that commands your attention. 

Last but never least is the opening act, Seize Atlantis. A band is from Glens Falls and has been doing their thing since 2018. Guitar riffs and vocals that define moody rock music are the backbones of this great local band. Vocals are fronted by James Mullen with Mike Dardas on bass and backing vocals. With Luc Bourgault on lead guitar and Cody Platt on drums. 

This bill that is scheduled to perform on January 8th is the perfect mixture of rock genres to create an atmosphere that’s ready to rock. Someone very special once said to me that booking a show is like creating the perfect salad. It needs all the right ingredients. And kids, the ingredients are ready to be picked. See you there.

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