A Few Minutes With… Peter Annello on his Upcoming Single, “Read the Signs”

AVERILL PARK – On January 8th, young and up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Peter Annello, is set to release his newest single, “Read the Signs.” We, at Nippertown, are excited that we had the exclusive chance to land our hands, or, ears as the case may be, on this single. Pairing “Read the Signs” with another song, “Avalon” – a practice that harkens back to the era of 45s; smaller vinyl records that featured one song on each side – Annello has packaged a latest release whose creativity, and production aesthetic, are almost undeniable, as is his passion for songwriting.

With “Read the Signs,” the song begins as a simple, fast-paced acoustic piece. This soon changes as the full band enters with the vocals. The propelling, repetitive drum rhythm greatly helps to propel the song forever forward. The keen sense of meticulous instrumentation for which this song consists, serves well to speak to Annello’s ear for arranging a song. At times, the ornamentations toe the line of becoming over-the-top, though they never cross that line for this listener. While the solo occurring after the bridge was highly anticipated, overall, it did nothing to really add or detract from the song. The final chorus incorporating an a cappella section is a nice production choice and welcomed change of pace. To listen to “Read the Signs,” please click on the media player below.

“Read the Signs” by Peter Annello, slated for release on January 8th.

Personally, while both tunes are enjoyable, I prefer “Avalon.” The latter tune features great arrangement choice. After the first chorus ends, the full band enters; a technique Annello utilizes well to give the song a huge lift. The piano motif after the song’s second chorus is another well-crafted addition. As this fades out, the vocals are all that remain for a bit, then the band swells and enters in again. The chords in the section before the final chorus are very well connected and clearly thought out. A song that last for nearly four-and-a-half minutes seemed to pass in less than two; a sign of a good song for this particular listener!

Peter Annello, “Read the Signs,” cover art.

It was my pleasure to get a chance to sit down with Peter and go over his latest single, as well as dive deeper into other topics. To catch the interview, please continue reading below.

Lucas Garrett: Hey, Peter! Thanks for sharing your new tunes with us! Tell us a bit about the genesis of these newest songs.

Peter Annello: These songs were born at different times but ended up complimenting each other very well. Being a single, the one thing I’d like to point out is how much musical volume they take up so-to-speak. Two songs totaling around 10 minutes combined and each taking you through a dynamic journey of melody, rhythm, and a powerful message lyrically. I started writing “Avalon” years ago in my garage while my father was working on a project. It was inspired purely by my passion for music creation, and knowing nothing could get in the way to deter me from continuing doing what I love. I believe a great song is born from both how the music composition feels and what the lyrics are trying to get across. You know, when together they’re like two peas in a pod. “Read the Signs” was motivated by another feeling, a feeling of helplessness. I, especially in my later teen years, began to have this idea I was so torn on between either being misunderstood or well understood. What that comes down to is being stepping away from myself and admitting what I do wrong. Whether it be relationships, friendships, professional matters, etc. This aspect of my growing has been a constant battle, but I always come out the other end a better man when I am honest with myself that it’s not always them, but usually me. It’s a song about slowing your roll, and really taking the time to self-reflect, which in my opinion may be a key component to a better society.

LG: While I noticed some influences – or, at least I think I have them pegged! – I’m curious as to who really drives you creatively? Did you have a particular sound in mind when creating this new single?

PA: I’m strongly influenced by the music my parents had exposed me to growing up. These were artists like Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Sublime, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fiona Apple etc. Over the years, especially because of the internet, I’ve been introduced to so many great artists like John Mayer really taking the cake as a guitar player, singer/songwriter that I admire. His influence on my original music is very recognizable to most. It’s the number one compliment I receive, and I do take it as such, whereas for a while I didn’t like being compared to someone who isn’t me. In 2013 when I discovered Mayer, I was immediately infatuated with what he’s built for himself because of his creative abilities.

LG: You frequently play in and around this area with other bands, such as The Tradition. Now that you’re releasing your own music, how would you compare these different facets of the music industry? Is it a big switch-up for you going from hired gun to the one out and in front, so-to-speak?

PA: Playing locally for the last few years has been awesome. I’ve met a lot of great people, as you do in this industry. I started off playing open mics, went on to booking myself some solo acoustic shows. I had a little trio together who I still play with from time to time, and that was the most fun I’ve had playing live music. Meeting my friend, Ralph Renna, was also a blessing. Ralph discovered me through a mutual friend and invited me to sit in with The Tradition. These gigs were nothing but pure fun. I didn’t need to learn any songs, I would just set up my portable rig and jam away with Ralph to make some easy cash to help me with bills, this part of adulting I’m not fond of. I’ve dreamed of putting together a full band of seasoned musicians to play my original music, but it just hasn’t happened yet. It will.

LG: What are your plans for this single? Can we expect an album from you in the future that contain these songs?

PA: My plan with this single is to make a statement, and I’m ready to make that statement for once. This really feels like it. I’m proud of these two songs, while it’s only two, they’re some of my best work and display my full range of composing lyrics/chord structures, guitar playing, singing etc. I want people to take me seriously and expect a whole lot more to come. I love writing, I love sharing these songs with all of you, and my dream is to do exactly that until the day I surely rest.

LG: Thanks, so much, Peter! Good luck with your upcoming release!

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