Artists Gleeksman and Comparetto are “Going Underground” at Siena’s Yates Gallery this Spring

Siena College is very excited to host the duo exhibition Going Underground on this spring semester at the campus’ Yates Gallery. Going Underground features the work of New York City-based artist and animator Vincent Comparetto and Saratoga-based artist and design professor Benj Gleeksman. Gleeksman and Comparetto will be showing a large series of paintings, drawings, collage, photos, prints and mixed media at Siena College’s Yates Gallery this spring. Gleeksman and Comparetto have been best friends and collaborators for 25 years, and this show represents their common interests and critiques of skateboarding, punk rock, fast food, and corporate culture.

“The show will provide a vibrant and dynamic addition to the offerings in Yates Gallery and enliven the lives and studies of students, faculty, as well as the entire Siena community,” said Sara Boivin, the gallery’s curator. “After postponing the exhibition due to the trials of the past year, we are finally able to bring the show to life and highlight the work of these up and coming artists.”

Going Underground will have an opening reception from 5:30-7:30 on Friday, Feb. 11th at the Yates Gallery and the show will run until May 16th. For more of the artists’ work, visit and On Instagram: @abstract_city @njbenj

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