Photo Gallery: Sunbloc and Zombie Giuliani @ No Fun, Troy, 01/20/2022

A frigid winter’s night in Troy, but Zombie Giuliani brought the punk rock rock salt and burned through a corrosive set, then Sunbloc came out with the rock and roll snowplows and a little sunshine to warm up the crowd at this Super Dark Collective show at NO FUN.  Open Head from Kingston couldn’t make the show, but we adapt daily in these strange times.

Zombie Guiliani, Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

Sunbloc lead singer Matt Radley after the show: “Honestly, most of the time I’m singing about what makes me feel hyped about life.  I write all of the lyrics and Keifer, our bassist writes most of the riffs and then we all come together and sort of work it out.  We know sometimes the world is a little crazy, but we’re still trying to have some fun with it. I think that we all come from like punk backgrounds, I try to bring that energy.

We’re from Albany, we’ve been together, it feels like two years, we started right before pandemic time.  They were writing some songs that were kind of Lemonheadsy and I wanted to do some Oasisy stuff with some grungy mix to it and we said-OK let’s do it!  We started just messing around with some sounds and see what stuck and what was catchy.  We added Nick, one of our lead guitarists and then a little bit later Austin came on and he added a lot of that noise, that Sonic Youthy shit.

Sunbloc, Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

We demoed a lot during the pandemic.  We have so many friends that are in bands we would send it to them and we just appreciated their ear.  Then we kind of deconstructed it from there. Growing up I just listened to a ton of hardcore punk, that’s my bag for any of this live stuff.  When we’re in the studio I’m not jumping around, but here it’s a completely different feeling.”

Photo Gallery by Leif Zurmuhlen

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