LIVE: River of Dreams, A Tribute to Billy Joel @ Cohoes Music Hall, 01/22/2022

A Billy Joel and Elton John Tribute band rocked Upstate NY back to the 70s.

Lead singer and classically trained pianist John Cozolino produced an authentic version of Billy Joel’s famous hits that had a full house amazed. River of Dreams is a 6-piece tribute band that has worked hard for the title of ‘The Best Billy Joel Tribute Band You Will Find.’ 

The multi-talented group, constructed of some of the best musicians around, had members of the audience creating their own dance floors throughout the music hall as they played nothing short of Joel’s best music. Uptown Girl, Only the Good Die Young and other top hits of Joel’s allowed you to reminisce about the 70s and 80s without any distractions of the present times. 

Multi-award winning performer American Elton, also known as Bill Conners, made an appearance at the Music Hall with the group. American Elton, who was featured on America’s Got Talent, did not hold back when it came to his performance and his wardrobe. 

Conners took Elton John requests from the audience and brought them to the speakers. American Elton’s interaction with the audience had the music hall crowd singing some of the most famous songs in history.

Photo Gallery by Ben Gifford

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