Come From Away Will Make Your Spirits Fly

How is it possible to take what is arguably the most atrocious disaster on American soil and turn it into a feel good moment? The story of how 7000 airline passengers found themselves stranded in the small town of Gander Newfoundland after their flights were diverted out of US airspace on Sept. 11, 2001, will answer that in flying colors. Come From Away is a truly stunning musical currently at Proctors Theatre that will stir every sense of memory you have of that time and add to it an incredible sense of joy, love, and optimism in every fiber of your being. 

Photo by Matthew Murphy

The cast of 12 amazingly talented actors portray in excess of 50 characters… both passengers and Newfoundlanders is flawless. They switch characters with the ease of changing a shirt or hat or coat (thanks to costumes by Toni-Leslie James), a simple set of trees, chairs, and on stage band designed by set designer, Beowulf Borritt accentuated by Howell Brinkley’s wonderful lighting. This show is the epitome of a perfect ensemble production. No one performer steals the light or overshadows another yet together the parts form a perfect whole.

It is interesting to watch this play out in a world suffering its own angst 20 years later. The terror for many is no less real today than it was on 9/11. Once again we are able to relate to the fear of the unknown and at the same time celebrate the goodness of humankind and the good we see in humanity around us.

Come From Away, book, music and lyrics by the Tony nominated Canadian husband and wife team of Irene Sankoff and David Hein will leave you with life lessons that will give you an optimism relatable in the uncertain times of the worldwide pandemic in which we are all enmeshed today.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

The show will offer you laughs, bring to you to tears and teach you about bias, fear and unfounded hate. The music will lift your soul and send out of the theatre with your heart filled with joy and emotion and a smile under your masks. Proctors program tells us on September 11 the world stopped, on September 12 their stories moved us all. 

It did, it will and it will restore your faith and in humanity.

Come From Away will be at Proctors through Sunday. For more information or call the box office 518-346-6204.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

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