Opalka Gallery Welcomes Artist Nathaniel Donnett on February 3rd

Albany — Opalka Gallery welcomes artist Nathaniel Donnett for an informal lecture on his work on Thursday, February 3 at 6:30 pm. 

Opalka Gallery showcases outstanding contemporary art and design from both national and international artists. Included in Opalka’s current exhibition, “Shifting Gaze: A Reconstruction of the Black and Hispanic Body in Contemporary Art,” Nathaniel Donnett is a multi-disciplinary artist who’s interested in the metaphysical and phenomenological connections between imagination and experience. His work explores liminality within space and time, the interior/exterior self, race, music, history, and their association with socio-political systems and cultural engagement. Donnett utilizes different media and genres to represent the differences and pluralities in life, pointing toward notions of incompleteness and transformation. His piece, “Reflect 6,” on display at Opalka, features a portrait of a young girl holding a mirror–a painting made on patched together brown paper bags. Using varied materials while juxtaposing unrelated ideas to depict the poetics in every day, Donnett seeks to find the nuance and meaning in the overlooked and undervalued, revealing humanity’s imaginative and practical Cosmologies.

Opalka Gallery is located at 140 New Scotland Ave., Albany, on the Albany campus of Russell Sage College. The gallery will be open to the public with safety measures in place. Masks and proof of full vaccination are required. The gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays 12-5 pm, Thursdays 12-8 pm, and Mondays by appointment.

Visit Opalka.sage.edu for more info and visit us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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    Thank you for covering this! This event will be virtual due to the weather forecast–please find the link on our website:

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